About us

The Company was set up in 1989 under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Innowacyjno Wdrożeniowo Techniczno Usługowo Handlowe Globex with a seat in Będzin. The core business of the company was consultng, design, training and civil work services.

In 2004 after the change of the owner the company changed its name into “EL-DI” with a seat in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The profile of actvity changed and the company focused on assembly and repair works, providing maintenance services and carrying out civil works.


  • repairs of metallurgical devices
  • repairs of energtic devices
  • repairs of energetic and technological pipelines
  • repairs of overhead cranes and transporters
  • knocking down works
  • welding works
  • fittng works
  • assembly of steel structures
  • maintenance of mechanical and energtic devices
  • leasing of employees: overhead crane operator, heat treater, blacksmith, fitter, welder